6RR@Pk Dramatic red elumenated pink Goldwell Topchic Cool reds can 250gr

6RR@Pk Dramatic red elumenated pink Goldwell Topchic Cool reds can 250gr

Brand: Goldwell   -  Product Code: HG013001   -  EAN: 4021609998006
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Goldwell Topchic Professional Hair Color 6RR@Pk Dramatic red elumenated pink. Goldwell Topchic is the "2002 Winner Of The Stylist Choice Award". 
With Topchic, you can be confident in achieving your target color every time you want; the permanent alkaline hair color for superb color results. Infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein and panthenol to add strength and shine to hair. Impeccable quality. Durable color. Accurate. Perfect tones. Formulated with Color Link, a patented technology that allows color molecules to "link" together. Its patented penetration system ensures even pigment distribution from scalp to ends. Total coverage. 
All Goldwell hair color is aligned with the Goldwell Master Palette. 
The Goldwell lotions and colors have been formulated in order to work in synergy and to achieve the perfect color. Topchic Lotion ensures the perfect nuance, texture, pH, mixtures alkalinity.


Apply Topchic to dry hair. It is always recommended to wear gloves.
According to the target result, choose the appropriate lotion and proceed with the mixing ratio as shown in the table below:

Target resultTopchic lotion/volumeMixing ratio lotion:color
No lightening10 vol. 3%1:1
1 level of lift; grey hair coverage; tone on tone color20 vol. 6%1:1
2 levels of lift (Topchic 2-10)30 vol. 9%1:1
3-4 levels of lift (Topchic 2-10)40 vol. 12%1:1
3-4 levels of lift (Topchic 11-12 Highlift color)30 vol. 9%2:1
4-5 levels of lift (Topchic 11-12 highlift color)40 vol. 12%2:1

To achieve one level of lift without pre-lightening, add Blonding Cream or Blonding Cream Ash (cooler result).
Do not use Blonding Cream or Blonding Cream Ash with the Highlift Series 12 shades.
As with any other chemical service, a sensitivity test or patch test is required to prevent any undesirable effects.
Processing times without heat:

 Color ApplicationProcessing time on rootsProcessing time 
on mid-lenghts and ends
Topchic 2-10First application20-25 min.5-10 min.
Subsequent applications15-20 min.10-15 min.
Topchic Highlift color
First application30-35 min.10-15 min.
Subsequent applications45 min.---
Topchic Neutralights
Highlift control series dark hair
First application15-20 min.10-15 min.
Subsequent applications30 min.---

Any stains on scalp/skin can be removed with System Color Remover Skin.
Dyes in the Depot Can can be measured and applied by using the Goldwell Hair Color Depot System and the P_CAT (sold separately).