Alterna Caviar Clinical Daily detoxifying shampoo 250ml

Alterna Caviar Clinical Daily detoxifying shampoo 250ml

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New Formula Alterna 2017

Hair type: ideal for hair that tends to become thin and to fall. Suitable for scalp problems.
Use: Massage on damp hair and leave on from 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse off and apply Caviar Volume Conditioner.
Benefits: It strengthens stems, purifies and protects your scalp. It neutralizes DHT and gently cleanses problematic scalp. It stimulates microcirculation and soothes infiammations. Go on with Caviar Clinical Daily Root & Scalp Stimulator.
Focus on: extract of red clover with phytoestrogens that control hormonal problems. Extracts of nettle and Serenoa Repens neutralize DHT.
Suggestions: apply everyday. Also on problematic scalp.
Technologies: Red Clover Complex® - Color Hold® - Seasilk® - Enzymetherapy™
Technical features: extract of caviar, Vitamin C and anti-aging Cytokines. Enriched with Red Clover growth Complex, that is a growing factor from red clover that hinders ormonal DHT.

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