Wahl – Leaders in Clippers and Trimmers for over 100 Years.
Leo Wahl invented the world’s first electromagnetic hair clipper in 1919.
Since then, Wahl has created a range of professional and home grooming, styling and personal care products with an unrivalled quality that you can trust.

Wahl Frogmouth Bag

£28.45 £23.27
Not available

Wahl Taper Fade Surgical

£43.32 £34.57

Wahl Taper Magic Blade II for Beretto

£43.32 £34.48
Not available

Wahl Taper Standard

£31.92 £25.70

Wahl Taper Beret Blade

£34.20 £27.94

Wahl Cordless Clipper Beretto

£158.47 £127.00
Not available

Wahl Gold Foil for Finale

£22.80 £18.60
Not available

Wahl Gold Foil Cutter Bar Assembly for Finale

£36.48 £28.88
Not available

Wahl Fade Wood Brush

£14.03 £10.75

Wahl Taper T-Wide Blade

£42.75 £34.48
Not available

Wahl Taper T-Shaped

£34.20 £27.00
Not available