Intragen Anti hair loss

This range acts against hair loss by regenerating the hair.

The Intragen Cosmetic Trichology anti hair loss range consists of three products that have been developed for use by both men and women.
ICT Anti Hair Loss Shampoo: shampoo with anti-loss agents that make the hair clean and soft and give it volume.
ICT Anti Hair Loss Treatment: a leave-on treatment in an individual container with a pump and a cannula so as to be able to apply the product directly to the scalp and thus better localise its application to the most critical points. It is a hydroalcoholic lotion that is quickly absorbed by the scalp.
ICT Anti Hair Loss Patch: a skin patch that helps to prevent hair loss. 

It consists of a pool of 3 ingredients that act on the factors causing hair loss:
Reduces hair loss thanks to oleanolic acid.
Stimulators of hair microcirculation:through apigenin, it increases the availability of nutrients and oxygen in the hair follicles, which will develop more strongly and more healthily.
Enhancers anchoring the hair to the scalp: Biotinyl-GHK, a derivative of vitamin H or biotin, has an anti-age effect on the hair and acts from the root.
In addition to the pool of oleanolic acid, apigenin, and Biotinyl-GHK, Intragen anti hair loss is composed of other ingredients, such as hops extract, Sembury extract, rosemary extract, and silicon which fortify the actions of the cosmetic pool.

The Creatine and the Hyaluronic Acid that are present throughout the ICT range of products achieve strong healthy hair with volume and at the same time protect the scalp. 
Anti Hair Loss shampoo also contains Panthenol, which is a precursor of vitamin B5 that acts as a hair moisturiser and covers the hair fibre to give it shine without making it greasy. The flexibility and manageability of the hair is thus increased and at the same time resistance to mechanical stress is improved. It also helps to give body and volume to the hair.

Proven efficiency
3000* hairs in only two months of treatment.
40% reduction in hair loss*.
*Instrumental clinical test. 40 volunteers.