Kemon And

Style your Beauty
The first Icea Vegan- and Love Nature-certified professional hair styling line. Protective and synergistic formulas for effective results and natural, residue-free effects. Explore beauty in its countless shapes
The ICEA certification guarantees that no ingredient is of animal and/or GMO origin, or is potentially harmful to the environment.
Without Ammonia, Ammonium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Formaldehyde, Grapefruit seed extract, HFC 152A in aerosol products, ingredients derived from sacrificed animals, Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone, Methylene Glycol, Nanomaterials, Parabens, Paraphenylenediamine, Paraphenylenediamine derivatives, Petrolatum, Paraffin oils and waxes, Microbeads from PE/PP/PET/PMMA/Nylon, Retinol, SLES, SLS.

The And line is enriched with active ingredients that defend hair from external sensitising agents and cell aging. With daily use, hair is protected, and its structure and health preserved.
Procyanidins from grape seeds: They help prevent the formation of UV-induced free radicals, soothe skin irritation and slow down the cell aging process.
Ferulic acid:  Naturally derived from rice, this substance is known for its antioxidant power and its capacity to absorb solar radiation, thus providing an excellent UV filter.