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Medavita Scalp Lotion Concentree Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo 250ml and Super 12x7ml Vials

Medavita Scalp Lotion Concentree Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo 250ml and Super 12x7ml Vials

Brand: Medavita   -  Product Code: HG026798
Medavita Scalp Lotion Concentree Anti-Hair Loss Ritual Shampoo 250ml and Super 12x7ml Vials

Medavita Scalp Lotion concentree Anti-hair loss treating shampoo pH 5.5 250ml
Purifying - Stimulating - Balsamic - Nourishing - Toning - Strengthening
Thanks to the intense action of Achillea, Farfara and Cinchona, it prevents the hair from weakening and subsequent loss thanks to its decongestant action, promoting oxygenation and metabolic exchanges. The hair is soft, bright and resistant to creasing.
Hair loss treatment, adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss.
Particularly indicated in the case of atonic scalps and with slowed microcirculation, as a preventive action against hair loss and as a treating action if the fall is already in place.

Medavita Scalp Lotion concentree Super anti-hair loss intensive treatment pH 3.5 12x7ml
Lotion Concentree is Medavita's intensive anti-hair loss treatment to solve the root problem. The serum has a treating and preventive action that gives energy to the atonic scalps by stimulating the slowed microcirculation. Its patented formula is a mix of 10 different plant extracts: vasoactive, antioxidant and oxygenating ready to wake up the scalp and inhibit the enzymes responsible for the functional changes that cause hair loss. With its antibacterial, tonic and refreshing action, Lotion Concentree is suitable for preventing potential fall and counteracting the one already in place.
How to use:
After the usual Medavita shampoo, distribute the lotion directly on the scalp.
Massage lightly with circular movements.
Do not rinse.
It is recommended not to apply after a technical coloring and / or bleaching service.
Genetic predisposition to hair loss in men and women.
STEP 1 -> 1 ampoule per day for 2 weeks.
PHASE 2 -> 3 ampoules a week for 4 weeks.
In case of abnormal hair loss with large areas of decrease in density.
PHASE 1 -> 3 ampoules per week for 4 weeks.
PHASE 2 -> 2 ampoules per week for 6 weeks.
1-2 ampoules a week.

Medavita Hand Sanitizing Gel 100ml
Hand Sanitizing Cleansing Gel with Vegetable Glycerin, Lavender essential oil and Tea tree. 
70% Vegan Alcohol
Without Silicones, Mineral Oils and Dyes. 
How to Use: apply by massaging on the entire surface of the hands. Repeat as needed.