Naturalmente Breathe Regenerative Visage Set

Naturalmente Breathe Regenerative Visage Set

Brand: Naturalmente   -  Product Code: HG035925

Naturalmente Breathe Regenerative Treatment Essence 15ml - Plumping Anti - Wrinkles Serum

Rich and silky anti - wrinkles serum, regenerates the cellular activity.
Deeply nourishes the skin whilst prevents and treats the aging lines.
The face skin will appear softer, younger and brighter.


Naturalmente Breathe Eye Cream 15ml - Regenerating Anti - Wrinkles Eye Cream

Soft and rich eye cream with anti - wrinkles and plumping effects.
It smooths, softens and prevent the expression lines.
The eye contour shows in short time good hydration and silkiness.


Naturalmente Breathe Regenerative Green Tea Lip Cream 15ml - Anti - Wrinkles Lip Balm

Lip cream with a light texture that is easily absorbed with a soft massage.
Deeply hydrating and nourishing, it donates a voluminous look to the lips.
The red grapevine and  green tea's extracts fight the premature aging of the lips contour thanks to their antioxidant action. It prevents the formations of wrinklesa and smooths the old lines.