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Roots Underground Valeriana Relaxing beard oil 30ml

Roots Underground Valeriana Relaxing beard oil 30ml

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Valeriana Officinalis Relaxing oil. 
Softens and nourishes your beard leaving it wonderfully fragrant and groomed. Although suitable for all beard types, it is recommended for short beards or to facilitate the transition into longer ones. Working beneath, our oil protects and hydrates the skin, combating itching and irritation. 

INGREDIENTS. Valeriana extracts are blended with other pure essential oils which exalt their properties. Oils of sweet Almond, Jojoba and Argan provide the necessary nourishment and vitamin supply.
A healthy, strong, good-looking beard is the result of nourishment, care and inner harmony. Use Valeriana Officinalis to attain peace of mind. Considered a Panacea – an allegory of universal health – the roots of Valeriana have miraculous healing and hypnotic properties. Characterized by its warm woody scents and mossy undertones, our Valeriana Roots is the answer to your need to sooth and unwind. Not only does Valeriana nourish and soften your beard, it is also an excellent antidote against the troublesome effects of stress. Gentle and curative by nature, Valariana is the perfect remedy for highly sensitive and de-hydrated skin.

USE. After cleansing your beard with our Ginseng Soap, pat dry and apply. Release 4 to 6 drops onto your palm; rub between your hands to even distribution and massage from the neck upwards until absorbed. Smooth the beard along its grain or shape with a brush. For best results repeat 1 or 2 times daily.
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