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Tecna LMZ Stylish Black Edition Body 8 Fluid 250ml

Tecna LMZ Stylish Black Edition Body 8 Fluid 250ml

Brand: Tecna   -  Product Code: 407   -  EAN: 8388766072335
£23.50 £19.99

Body8 is a proteic sun protective fluid that strengthens fine and frail hair. Suitable for protection and hydration of your hair. It contains Olive Oil to hydrate naturally, and milk to strengthen and repair your hair and make it brilliant. If you do not blow-dry, you can obtain a wet effect.
BENEFITS: ideal for sportsmen, it protects your hair against the damaging action of sun, saltiness, chlorine and sweat. Ideal for the styling of fine hair, it enhances body and strengthens and makes your hair halthier and vital. It helps you in styling your curly and frizzy hair.
INGREDIENTS: extracts from plants, silk, vitamins, olive oil.
USE: use before hair-set to make your hair softer, bright and easier to comb: apply on wet hair and go on with the blow-drying to obtain volume and brilliance. It enhances elasticity, pliability and body. Use after hair-set to reduce staticity and make your hair easier to comb: allow to air-dry to obtain a light, rich and hydrated texture. Allow to air-dry to enhance brilliance and hydration, and to make your hair silky.

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