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Tecna SPA Anti Oxydant Nectar 150 ml

Tecna SPA Anti Oxydant Nectar 150 ml

Brand: Tecna   -  Product Code: 3091   -  EAN: 8388766069847
£29.50 £24.99

Anti Oxydant Nectar is a treatment that reconstructs the external layer of hair with its keratin amino acids and carbohydrates (sugars).
It recompacts the damaged cuticle and removes for a long time the porosities created after chemical treatments. Its miniaturized formula leaves your hair soft and light to the touch. Instantaneous recompacting effect that soothes and softens rough hair and leaves it straight and hydrated.
BENEFITS: high-smoothing action that immediately softens your hair. Ideal for chemical treated hair. It gives softness and elasticity and leaves your hair shiny and light for a long time.
INGREDIENTS: cohenzyme Q10, amino acids, carbohydrates.
USE: Attention: shake strongly before use. Apply SPA Antioxydant nectar after the SPA Treatment on stems and ends. Rinse off carefully.

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