Wella Perfecton By Color Fresh /7 Sand 250ml - direct coloring

Wella Perfecton By Color Fresh /7 Sand 250ml - direct coloring

Brand: Wella   -  Product Code: HG016541   -  EAN: 8005610588735
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Wella Perfecton By Color Fresh /7 Sand 250ml - direct coloring

Toner that gives brilliant color and intense shine to the hair.
Thanks to the Color balance formula, a combination of active and hair-related substances, color pigments and an acidic Ph, Perfecton improves and strengthens the hair structure.
Quick and easy application, all shades can be mixed together and does not contain ammonia.
To even out the color after a waving treatment and between one color and the next.
To tone hair color while adding shine.

How to Use

Mixing instructions according to tone height:

from 12/0 to 10/0 - 250 ml water 5 ml Perfecton
9/0 - 250 ml water 10 ml Perfecton
8/0 - 250 ml water 15 ml Perfecton
from 7/0 to 4/0 - 250 ml water 20 ml Perfecton


Wash your hair as usual.
Pat dry with a towel.
Keep the product spout closed.
Press the bottle to fill the measuring spout.
Fill the applicator bottle with 250 ml of warm water.
Unscrew the nozzle to remove the product and add 5-20 ml of the desired shade of Perfecton.
Mix carefully.
Wear appropriate gloves.
Apply the product evenly using the applicator and massage into the hair.
The Perfecton nuances are pure shades, to be used to intensify or chromatically balance a cosmetic highlight.
The darker the natural starting base, the greater the quantity of product to use.
After the exposure time, emulsify and rinse.
Proceed with the desired styling.


Its formulation with direct pigments and a vitamin complex intensifies and shines the cosmetic color:
Tone 2 Shine Technology: increases hair shine and gives visible shine.
Up to 15% gray hair coverage.
Color and treatment in a single gesture.

Technical Characteristics

Delicate formula: without ammonia and without mixing with hydrogen peroxide