Hairdo Wigs, Fringes, Tails and Extensions

Hairdo Parrucche, Frange, Code ed Extension

Hairdo is the accessory for the style and beauty-oriented fashion woman. Hairdo allows you to get a professional quality hairstyle in a few minutes without obligation and gives women the freedom to change their look instantly with unique and always fashionable effects.

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Hair Extensions, Accessories and Fashionable Wigs

Hairdo consists of a unique collection of glamorous and trendy extensions, accessories and wigs. Born in the world of Hollywood celebrities, it is now available to every woman. Hairdo was created to give women the opportunity to change their look in an economical but highly effective way. This is Hairdo's success!

Hollywood Celebrity Wigs and Extensions

Utilizzata dalle dive di Hollywood e non solo, presente in numerosi avvenimenti di caratura mondiale, Hairdo è ormai diventata la brand leader nel mondo della categoria accessori alternativi per capelli.

How is made Hairdo

Hairdo is produced with the patented True2life® mouldable fiber which can be made as smooth or wavy as desired. Tru2Life is the heat resistant mouldable synthetic fiber up to 180 °. The smooth fiber can be curled, the curly one can be smoothed with normal styling tools. Have fun making your hair wavy or straight just like yours. In addition to being modelable, Tru2Life is light and the same diameter as your hair to give you a completely natural effect.


They are applied in a few moments and are impossible to recognize in natural hair. They can be applied to both long and short hair, and are fixed with maximum comfort and safety thanks to the clip system, Hairdo's patented technology. Changing your look for a special occasion or to fulfill the dream of having hair with more volume is now possible with the utmost ease. Hairdo is available in many shades of colors, it is made with a unique technique that reproduces the color of natural hair, which is never a single shade, in order to give a result of perfect naturalness to the eye and to the touch..