MyKAI, ocean friendly sun protection

MyKAI, la protezione solare ocean friendly

MyKAI brand created Ocean Friendly cosmetic products, to reconcile the need to protect the skin from the sun and to respect the environment. The exklusive MyKAI line of sustainable sunscreens is free of microplastics and its formulation is enriched by an Ocean Friendly filter system, based on 100% mineral filters and by a powerful SPF (Sun Protection Factor) booster.

The MyKAI name is composed of the Hawaiian Terms "Kai" (Sea) and "Makai" (Towards the Ocean), a tribute to Hawaii, one of the mos avant-garde countries in the protection of the marine ecosystem. In addition, the MyKAI sunscreen is a real cuddle for the skin, thanks to their light texture and summer fragrance, for an exclusive sensorial experience without leaving residues.

The launch of MyKAI is part of the Bio on "Cosmetics save the ocean" project which aims to highlight the challenge of ocean pollution, support scientific research for environmental protection. This box is made with ecological, recycled and biodegradable paper made from excess algae from risky lagoon environments.