WetBrush Pro detangling brushes for hair

WetBrush Pro

WetBrush is the brand of the best detangling brushes ever produced, sold in more than 12 million units and distributed in 70 countries. WetBrush is the detangling brush that helps you have healthier and more beautiful hair. WetBrush's secret? The IntelliFlex bristle system, thin, strong and very flexible to flex that glides between the knots without pain.  WetBrush's innovative tips are ultra-soft and stable. They are also very delicate, which makes them great for sensitive scalps.

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WetBrush is light, ergonomic and suitable for use in the shower. Hair is most vulnerable when wet, susceptible to stretching, which can cause split ends and broken hair, but WetBrush with its IntelliFlex bristles and soft tips reduces the risk of breakage.

The WetBrush is suitable for all hair types, it is light and ergonomic and available in beautiful trend lines suitable for all. 

With WetBrush, untangling becomes a pleasure!