VIAHERMADA professional hair products

VIAHERMADA prodotti professionali per capelli

Welcome to VIAHERMADA! Our choice to be pure, no compromise. Naturally derived products. Passion for nature, beauty and well-being. The new haircare line for treating and moisturising hair shares every woman's passion, creating a perfect mix of love and protection with just the right glamour touch. Inebriating fragrances, captivating colours, carefully chosen ingredients that mixed together give life to our modern fairytale. In the VIAHERMADA natural phytocosmetics laboratories, we have opened the treasure chest of nature to extract, with scientific rigour, active ingredients with super concentrated nutrients. Beauty and health formulations designed specifically for various hair types and anomalies. An evolved, effective and nature-friendly Hair Cosmetics; all products are Paraben Free. Look after your hair and respect nature!