Tecna Hair Care was established in 1995 with its entire philosophy based on the bio-natural concept. Care and philosophy are the fundamental values ​​of Tecna Hair who choose to be an ethical company. Tecna haircare is a range of bio-ethical haircare products , fusing the best from nature with the kindest ingredients that science has to offer,certified zero impact to our planet . Tecna has also dedicated a line for hair treated with permanent or semi-permanent colors, and formulates products which nourish hair with a correct hydration and softness, without the use of ammonia, nickel or other harmful components.

Hair Gallery is authorized dealer of these lines: Amoreterapia, Cajeput, Colour Keeper, IntegroFinish & Style, Make up Color primer, Monoi sun careMC2 anticaduta, SPA Enzymetehrapy, Biorganic Acid color, Teabase e Wash & Cond.

Tecna Integro Proteo Shampoo 250ml

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Tecna NCC Catalyst 25 vol. 7,5% 750ml

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