Londontown Nail polishes: natural nail formulations

Londontown, today, is synonymous with natural, vegan, ethically correct nail formulations and at the service of beauty and nail care distributed internationally and appreciated by those who prefer a concept of green and ethically correct beauty. The story: The Londontown brand was born from a personal need; an experience that I want to tell you 

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I was pregnant and my nails were weak and easily broken. However, I could not cure them as I could not use practically any product on the market. It was then that a family botanical formulation came to mind; a blend of floral and botanical oils that was used to moisturize and protect hands and nails worn and damaged by the harsh climate of England: my country of origin. I then started using this formulation and my nails finally regained strength and elasticity.

Hence the choice to patent Florium Complex - or this exceptional botanical blend based on rapeseed oil, evening primrose oil, garlic extract, cucumber extract and vitamins and to use it as a highly nutritious and moisturizing base for nail care and nail color treatments from the name Londontown. Cruelty free and vegan offers an answer to those who say no to aggressive products and to those who say yes to manicured and glam nails, the result of botanical-based treatments.