An excellent brand dedicated to the world of men's grooming

Gordon stands out in the world of men's grooming thanks to its product lines dedicated to the care of all types of beards and shaving, allowing men to give free expression to their masculinity. Gordon exalts the man as the absolute protagonist, the one who decides not to neglect himself and who pays particular attention to the pleasure of good looking.

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Gordon, a trendy classic

Gordon is a trendy line in the world of men's grooming that allows you to give free expression to your masculinity and stand out for your beard style. Gordon is the perfect union of tradition, innovation and nature, the right combination  to meet the needs of the contemporary man, who is very attentive to self-care, and to maintain a well-groomed beard over time. The man choosing Gordon pays great attention to detail, lives life to the full without leaving anything to chance and is aware that he is choosing high quality products. The man with his beard style is the absolute protagonist. Gordon exalts man as the absolute protagonist, deciding not to neglect himself, who pays special attention to the pleasure of good looking by choosing his beard style. Whether he has a neat or wild beard, a flawless moustache or a smooth, perfect shave, it doesn't matter: man is constantly in obsessive search of his own identifying originality in order to satisfy his 'ego' as best he can.

  • Well-being and beauty care
  • The well-groomed beard: a trendy classic
  • Shaving: a traditional ritual


Gordon Daily Beard Cleanser 150ml

£22.00 £17.99
Not available

Gordon Beard And Mustache Gift Kit

£99.90 £69.99
Not available

Gordon Cream Deodorant 100ml

£12.00 £9.99
Not available

Gordon Beard Pomade 50ml

£17.00 £13.99
Not available

Gordon Shaving Products Kit

£80.00 £51.50
Not available

Gordon Shaving Razor With Wooden Handle

£20.00 £16.99
Not available

Gordon Invisible Shaving Gel 100ml

£14.00 £11.99
Not available

Gordon Perfume 100ml

£35.00 £27.99
Not available

Gordon Half Blade Shaving Razor

£35.00 £23.50
Not available