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Beauty in mind for over 60 years. Since 1952, ours is a story of passion and innovation. Passion for color, for its expressive power, for its ability to create style and elegance. Innovation that grows by keeping faith with company principles, the values ​​of made in Italy, and women.
Intercosmo, a reliable partner with high quality products. It has always been the professional brand for professionals that provides the hairdresser with all the weapons and methods to satisfy and give beauty to every woman.

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Each product is fine-tuned after passing three test phases. The company aims at cutting-edge formulas, looking for ingredients of the highest quality and effectiveness.
Professionals know this: having perfect hair requires constant care. For this Intercosmo has studied a series of specific lines, aimed at solving the main anomalies of the hair and keeping it healthy. Restructuring, nourishing, balancing and protective products. A solution corresponds to every need.