Paul Mitchell

Paull Mitchell

Producing high-quality products is not enough. Paul Mitchell is the first professional company in the beauty industry to oppose animal tests, to have a large humanitarian and social commitment.

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Two friends, one dream

In 1980, two friends decided to launch their company. John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell saw the opportunity to create professional beauty products that would revolutionize the world of hair care. With only $ 700 in their pocket, they created a system based on three well-known products: Shampoo One®, Shampoo Two® and The Conditioner ™. All the bottles were printed in black and white to save as much as possible, and this became the characteristic look of the company.

Pioneer of the environment

John Paul and Paul did everything they could to make their business environmentally friendly. John Paul Mitchell Systems® was the first company to publicly announce which didn't approve animal tests. John Paul and Paul also founded a solar-powered farm in Hawaii - the Awapuhi Farm where all the awapuhi used for Paul Mitchell products are still collected today.

In 2015, Paul Mitchell® adopted the slogan "Live Beautifully" to enclose his positive corporate culture and his commitment to making the world a more beautiful place to live. Inspired by John Paul's motto "Unshared success is a failure", John Paul Mitchell Systems® has a long tradition of donations, to offer money, time and products to a variety of different causes. The Paul Mitchell initiatives continue to be an example of generosity in the beauty industry.




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