If you doubt that your hair can become what you always wanted, KERASILK will make you think again. KERASILK's exclusive formulas and advanced biotechnology deliver healthy-looking hair, full of strength, resilience, elasticity and shine, unleashing its full potential.

And if you think that ecological hair care products cannot deliver top performance, KERASILK will change your mind. The precious yet sustainable formulas are 100% vegan and transform your hair, making it strong and beautiful as silk.

When nothing else works, there's Kerasilk.

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This is the reputation that KERASILK has earned with top stylists and their customers through a 40-year history of innovation. KERASILK was one of the first to use silk for hair care, blending it with keratin, the structural element of hair, to strengthen each individual strand. This is why KERASILK is always able to give silky softness, even to the roughest and most unruly hair. Every KERASILK product is optimised to meet specific hair and styling needs, making it easy and intuitive for stylists to advise and consumers to choose and use the ideal treatment routine for every hair type, texture and problem. Unlike KERASILK, traditional approaches to hair care are not flexible enough to create customised routines to maximise hair's potential. KERASILK, on the other hand, allows you to create truly tailor-made hair care routines thanks to an infinite range of solutions.

A careful selection of specific products responds to hair problems and styling goals, while well-differentiated shampoos and conditioners take care of basic needs. Refined and unmistakable, the scent of KERASILK was developed in collaboration with French perfumers in Grasse to capture the sparkling top notes of bergamot, cypress and apple, the floral heart notes of white jasmine and lily of the valley, and the deep, rich base notes of amber. With KERASILK the best version of your hair is yet to come.

KERASILK will restore your confidence in the potential of your hair and the transformative power of hair care.
Strong, beautiful, silky and full of possibilities, believe in what your hair can now become with KERASILK.