526 Aubergine - Tecna Tsuyo Colour Reds 90ml

526 Aubergine - Tecna Tsuyo Colour Reds 90ml

Brand: Tecna   -  Product Code: HG020446
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526 Aubergine - Tecna Tsuyo Colour Reds 90ml

Tecna Luxurious SPA Haircare Culture Enzymecare Tsuyo Time Inverter Ritual Haircolour Treatment
Professional hair color
Anti-aging / anti-aging formula
100% gray hair coverage
Vegan product with organic ingredients
Without ammonia: odorless and hypoallergenic
Sulphate-free (Lauryl Sulfate) and paraben-free
Without PPD and without resorcinol

Tecna Tsuyo is a permanent hair coloring line in cream with an anti-aging effect, combining the dye with a nourishing and anti-aging treatment that reduces the signs of aging of the fiber and enhances the nuances.
The key ingredient of Tecna Tsuyo Organic Hair Color is Tsubaki (Japanese Camellia) oil, which thanks to cold pressing maintains high antioxidant properties for the hair. The hair is healthier, nourished and strengthened from the first application, lighter, and the color is enhanced. Camellia Oil is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids and polyphenols, powerful antioxidants. It has a high nourishing capacity without greasing hair and skin.
The Tsubaki oil used in the formula replaces ammonia, and the eco-sustainable choice of using natural organic vegan ingredients, such as the absence of sulphates, parabens and other harmful ingredients, make Tecna Tsuyo Organic Hair Color a color with a natural formula, without unpleasant odors, delicate on hair and skin, hypoallergenic. Tecna Tsuyo is a professional, high quality and safe hair dye.
Tecna Tsuyo guarantees total coverage of white hair, even in case of hair lightening. Its formula is premixed and always combines the opaque tone with the reflection, and makes it possible to cover gray hair without having to mix natural and reflective base shades. The application of Tecna Tsuyo Organic Hair Color is easy thanks to the creamy texture that does not drip.
Long Lasting Color: Tsuyo contains coenzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant that prevents color fading, while the patented Anti Age Complex enhancer additive keeps hair healthier for rich color.

Hair preparation:
Wash the hair with Tecna Tsuyo 01 Shiki Technical Shampoo, and follow with Tsuyo 02 Sweet Comb.
Only on white or very damaged hair, spray Tsuyo «A» Shiki Cuticle Preparer to strengthen the fiber and promote dye absorption.
Distribute Tecna Tsuyo «B» Shiki Scalp Defender on the contour of the hair to protect the skin.

Choice of nuance and preparation:
In case of gray hair coverage it is possible to use a darker shade than the desired result for a more intense result.
If you want a result that is at least 4 tones lighter or darker than your current color, you need to bleach or re-pigment your hair before the color service.
Prepare the nuance by taking it directly from the premixed tube or by combining several colors (all colors can be mixed together), and mix the Tecna Tsuyo color cream with the oxidant / developer emulsion.

Developer's Choice:
10 Volumes (3%) - No lightening
20 Volumes (6%) - 1 lightening tone - recommended for gray hair coverage
30 Volumes (9%) - 2 lightening tones
40 Volumes (12%) - 3 lightening tones

No lightening - ratio 1: 1 (e.g. 60ml color 60ml oxidant)
Gray hair coverage - ratio 1: 1 (e.g. 60ml color 60ml oxidant)
Lightening - ratio 1: 1.5 (e.g. 60ml color 90ml oxidant)

Distribute the cream obtained on the hair with a brush and adjust the shutter speed according to the oxidant used:
10 Volumes (3%) - 30 minutes
20 Volumes (6%) - 35 minutes
30 Volumes (9%) - 40 minutes
40 Volumes (12%) - 50 minutes
for gray hair coverage it is possible to increase the exposure time up to 5 minutes
At the end of the exposure time, rinse the color by adding a little water at a time. Massage scalp and hair until a homogeneous creamy emulsion is obtained. Perfectly clean the scalp on the front and hair contour, then rinse thoroughly and finally treat the hair with Tecna Tsuyo 03 Shiki Conditioner without first shampooing.

Special applications:
Coloring on very porous, treated or damaged hair: before applying the color, also add Tecna Tsuyo Acid Color Comforting Drops to the mixture. Comforting Drops is a color acidifier: it regulates the pH and makes the coloring more delicate and safe on the hair, with a restructuring and smoothing action on the cuticles, for extraordinarily shiny hair. Mix Comforting Drops in a 10: 1 ratio, eg. 60ml of color 60ml oxidant 6ml of Tecna Tsuyo Comforting Drops (10 pipettes). Mix by shaking vigorously with a shaker.

Regrowth coloring: apply the coloring mixture exclusively on the root for a length of 2cm. Mixing, oxidants, processing time follow the indications of the coloring of the whole head.