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Davines More inside Medium hairspray 400ml - medium hold

Davines More inside Medium hairspray 400ml - medium hold

Brand: Davines   -  Product Code: HG012082   -  EAN: 8004608252122

This is a medium hairspray. It's for workable, shiny looks.

Invisible medium hold hairspray characterised by a very fine mist.
gives structurer
endures humidity
can be worked also after application
dries out very quickly
easy to remove
slight anti-frizz effect
The formula is paraben-free and with no added colourings.
For styling, spray onto the hair at a distance of 30cm then comb. It can also be sprayed directly onto the areas to be defined. Depending on hair density, length and desired effect, apply between 3g and 6g of product.
Extra moisturising factor - to moisturize hair structure
Zero Impact® product
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