Goldwell Structure + Shine Agent 2 Neutralizing Cream 400gr - straightening stabilizer

Goldwell Structure + Shine Agent 2 Neutralizing Cream 400gr - straightening stabilizer

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Goldwell Structure + Shine Agent 2 Neutralizing Cream 400gr - straightening stabilizer

Stabilizer for straightening service, for all types of hair.
The Goldwell Structure + Shine Straightening Service is the ideal tool for dreamy straight hair.
A gentle formula enriched with agents that harmonise the hair's internal structure such as amino acids, Kukui nut oil and Intralipid: it combines straightening and care treatment, for hair that is smooth and soft for a long time, healthy and extremely shiny.
Perfectly reliable for superb straightening: the Rebond Control Complex ensures that the formula penetrates the hair fibres evenly, for even texturisation.


How to Use

Do not use Structure + Shine products on their own, but only as part of a straightening service.
Wear gloves before performing the straightening service.
The Goldwell Structure + Shine straightening service is not recommended for afro hair.

1. Shampoo with Dualsenses Deep Cleansing Shampoo. 
Do not massage the scalp to avoid sensitising the scalp. 
Rinse, then towel-dry the hair. 

2. Spray on Structure + Shine Optimizer to make the hair more manageable and even out the structure. Do not rinse out.

3. Gently comb through to detangle hair. 

4. Only for sensitive, stressed, porous hair, apply Structure + Shine Protection with a brush, concentrating on the most damaged areas of the hair. Apply Structure + Shine Protection pure, not diluted in water or mixed with other products.

5. Using non-metal clips, divide hair into 6 sections: nape right-left, parietal area (top of head) right-left, frontal area right-left.

6. Choose the Structure + Shine Agent 1 best suited to your hair type:
- 0 Strong - untreated or resistant hair
- 1 Regular - fine/medium natural hair
- 2 Medium - coloured hair or hair with up to 30% mechès
- 3 Soft - sensitised and/or coloured hair

With a brush, apply Structure + Shine Agent 1. Apply pure, not diluted or mixed. Recommended dosage:
- Short hair - 80gr
- Medium length - 100gr
- Long hair - 120gr 

Distribute starting at the nape, apply to thin strands (approx. 0.5cm) and leave 1cm untreated at the root. 
Cover with foil and leave on. Recommended time:
- 0 Strong - 18-25 minutes
- 1 Regular - 12-18 minutes
- 2 Medium - 12-15 minutes
- 3 Soft - 8-12 minutes

7. To check that the hair is sufficiently relaxed and the treatment is successful, perform a knot test on 2-3 very thin strands in different areas of the head:
- Knot test - option A: Form a knot, then tighten by pulling to create a small loop (1 cm in diameter) and release the tension. If the knot remains closed, the hair is relaxed and you can proceed with the stretching service. If the knot expands or opens, extend the setting time and repeat the test shortly afterwards.
- Knot test - option B: Wrap a strand of hair around the tip of a tail comb and hold for 5 seconds, then release. If the spiral remains, the hair is relaxed and you can proceed with the straightening service. If the spiral opens, extend the setting time and repeat the test shortly afterwards.

8. When the hair is well relaxed, rinse the hair thoroughly for 3-5 minutes, then towel-dry. 

9. Apply Structure + Shine Optimizer to detangle the hair and protect from heat, comb through gently to distribute the product as best as possible, then blow-dry hair smooth with a flat brush. 

10. Divide the hair into 6 sections for straightening with the straightener. Adjust the straightener to a maximum recommended temperature of
- 0 Strong - 180°C / 390°F
- 1 Regular - 180°C / 390°F
- 2 Medium - 160°C / 320°F
- 3 Soft - 160°C / 320°F 
Re-apply Structure + Shine Optimizer before straightening so that the straightener glides on easily and the hair is properly protected from the heat. Start straightening with the straightener starting with the nape sections. Always straighten the hair in thin strands (0.5 cm), from roots to ends and holding the strand at a 90° angle to the scalp. Make 3-4 passes per lock and pay particular attention to the regrowth by ironing it more intensively. For a more natural result on the crown, work the locks in a zigzag pattern. 

11. Divide the hair into 6 sections and apply Structure + Shine Agent 2 Neutralising Cream with a brush. Apply pure, not diluted or mixed. Always starting at the nape of the neck, apply Agent 2 Neutralising Cream, section by section, from roots to ends, to stabilise the style. Leave on for 5-8 minutes without a heat source.

12. Rinse thoroughly for 3-5 minutes and blow-dry. 

13. Tips for keeping the straightness at its best
In the 3 days following the service: do not use hairpins, do not tie your hair up and do not wash your hair. 
In the 7 days following the service: do not use chemical treatments.
To maintain perfect straightness at all times, we recommend a maintenance haircare routine with Goldwell Kerasilk Control products, Goldwell Dualsenses Just Smooth, or the Kerasilk or Dualsenses range best suited to your needs. Combine with StyleSign products to give the smooth look the perfect finish.

Straightening + Highlighting Service
When you need to revive the colour, you can follow the same procedure, replacing only step 11 (Structure + Shine Agent 2) with a classic Colorance colour service. Leave on for 15 minutes without a heat source, then rinse thoroughly (3-5 minutes).

*This is a professional technical product and should only be used by experienced hands.


Its improved fragrance turns the service into a pleasant experience.
Its faster process time gives greater efficiency.
The result is a fantastic anti-frizz effect and perfectly smooth hair.