Goldwell System @Pure Pigments Pure Orange 50ml - colour pigment

Goldwell System @Pure Pigments Pure Orange 50ml - colour pigment

Brand: Goldwell   -  Product Code: HG021689   -  EAN: 4021609661511
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Goldwell System @Pure Pigments Pure Orange 50ml - colour pigment
Colour: Pure Orange, orange pigment for creating coppery tones and bright effects.
Goldwell @Pure Pigments Elumenated Colour Additive is a colour additive with high-definition direct pigments to enhance colour and achieve brighter, more vibrant results than ever before.
Reinvent any Goldwell shade and any technique with @Pure Pigments.
How to Use

@Pure Pigments are developed to integrate easily into Topchic, Colorance, and Nectaya colour mixtures and be applied in a single pass.
Do not use with Goldwell colours from other lines or other brands.
When preparing colour, add @Pure Pigments to the colour mix, and proceed with the application of Topchic, Colorance, or Nectaya colour as usual.

Mixing notes:
Choose the right pigments:
@Pure Pigments Pure Yellow, Pure Orange, Pure Red, and Pure Violet create bright shades and effects.
@Pure Pigments Pearl Blue and Matte Green soften and counteract unwanted tones.
@Pure Pigments Cool Violet adds a smoky touch with a pearl undertone.

Mixing ratio:
the ratio is customisable up to a maximum of 10% of the total colour mass (oxidising lotion shade).
E.g. 60ml colour 60ml oxygen = 120ml total colour mass; do not exceed 12ml @Pure Pigments.
a single drop = 0.04ml; a full dropper pipette = 75 drops = 3ml

The lighter the hair colour, the more intense the result of @Pure Pigments will be.


Colour result (compared to traditional colouring):
63% brighter.
3 times more intense.
2 times more resistant to fading.

Technical Characteristics

The HD3 technology at the heart of Goldwell @Pure Pigments is the fruit of over ten years of collaborative research between Kao and Fujifilm.
The result: revolutionary pigments for high definition colours, more intense and brighter than traditional direct pigments.
Goldwell @Pure Pigments ring the intense, opaque colour of Topchic, Colorance and Nectaya and give it an aura of extraordinary brilliance and shine.
This layer creates an extraordinary play of coloured reflections with a 3D effect that changes with the changing light.
This Elumenated effect created with Goldwell @Pure Pigments enhances the lines and shapes of the cut with three-dimensional effects of ever-changing depth and dynamism.