Kerastase Discipline Shampoo 250ml Mask 200ml Spray 150ml

Kerastase Discipline Shampoo 250ml Mask 200ml Spray 150ml

Brand: Kerastase   -  Product Code: 44L3022
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Kerastase Discipline Shampoo 250ml Mask 200ml Spray 150ml

Kerastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste 250ml - antifrizz shampoo

Shampoo for fine to normal unruly hair.
Provides greater softness.
Makes hair easier to manage and combats frizz for a natural and impalpable result.

Kerastase Discipline Maskeratine 200ml - anti-frizz mask

Mask for thick, unruly hair in search of softness and anti-frizz protection.
Hair is smooth and soft, fluid and light.

Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime 150ml - antifrizz spray

An anti-frizz and heat-protection spray for smoothing frizzy hair and adding shine.

How to Use

Kerastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste 250ml

Apply the product to damp hair starting at the roots, then distribute to the lengths, emulsify, massage in and rinse out.

Kerastase Discipline Maskeratine 200ml 

Use once a week for sensitised hair or every wash for thick hair.
Apply to washed and towel-dried hair.
Massage into the lengths and ends.
Leave on for 5 minutes.
Emulsify and rinse thoroughly.

Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime 150ml

Shake out and apply to washed hair.


Kerastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste 250ml

Effective anti-frizz effect.
For hair that is easier to manage.
Hair flows smoothly.
For a soft, supple and shiny look.
Smoothed hair fibre.

Kerastase Discipline Maskeratine 200ml 

Penetrates deeply.
Gives fluidity and softness.
The hair is easier to manage.
The fibre is softer and more consistent.
Facilitates styling.
Facilitates detangling.
Reduces drying time.

Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime 150ml

Anti-frizz protection for up to 72 hours.
Offers heat protection up to 230 °C.
Brightens hair, leaving it shiny.


For all hair types.

Technical Characteristics

Main ingredients:

Morpho-Kératine complex: morphogenetic agents + surface polymers.
Restructures the uniformity of the hair fibre, enveloping it like for greater control and to combat frizz.
Surface enhancer: makes hair smooth, soft and easy to detangle.
High-precision treatment agent: restructures hair with a natural touch.
Softening agents: give extreme softness to the hair fibre. They restore uniformity to the hair fibre, wrapping it like a protective shield to provide control and combat frizz.
Lipidic agents: association of cosmetic lipids for an enveloping action and an anti-frizz effect.
Optimised starch: wraps around the hair fibre and preserves its texture.
Xylose: heat-protective properties to protect hair from the high temperatures of hot styling tools.

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