Olaplex Salon Intro Kit  N° 1 525ml 2x N° 2 525ml

Olaplex Salon Intro Kit N° 1 525ml 2x N° 2 525ml

Brand: Olaplex   -  Product Code: HG014490   -  EAN: 896364002367
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Olaplex Salon Intro Kit N° 1 525ml 2x N° 2 525ml

Olaplex Salon Introductory Kit consists of two products:

1 x Olaplex Blond Multiplier N° 1 525ml: liquid product is added as an additive to the color/ bleaching mixture. is a multiplier of disulfides bridges, in liquid form, which acts deeply and structurally, thanks to a unique and patented chemistry, multiplying the matter that is torn apart during the chemical treatments or mechanical stress.

2 x Olaplex Bond Perfector N° 2 525ml: creamy product that is used after rinsing the color or the discoloration and leave on for at least 10 minutes before making shampoo and conditioner. maintains the same active ingredient, but develops in cream and is applied before shampooing, so it does not need to be matched in color or discoloration.
-Hair perfect, healthy, hydrated, intact, soft and strong.
-Hair that keep longer the color.
-Internally regenerates inside the hair structure recovering strength, body and shine.

How to use
Olaplex Blond Multiplier No. 1 has a bottle with a practical sized dispenser to screw firmly and gently press, to fill the measuring glass with the required amount to the chosen treatment.
Its liquid form allows it to be added to discoloration and to any type of coloring; It can be used after the permanent, before the ironing or keratin. Even with the water.
After rinsing the color from your hair, not to proceed with the shampoo but applying 15ml of Bond Perfector No. 2 from root to tip. Comb through and leave on for a minimum of 5 minutes; for damaged Caelli, leave on for at least 10 minutes. Rinse the hair and proceed with shampoo and conditioner.