Previa Volumizing Organic Tilia Blossom Bodifying Shampoo 250ml

Previa Volumizing Organic Tilia Blossom Bodifying Shampoo 250ml

Brand: Previa   -  Product Code: HG013817   -  EAN: 8032993668341
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Volumizing shampoo for fine and thin hair. it delicately cleans the hair giving body and volume to thin hair rendering it strong and vital.

pH: 5 – 6


Sles free – formulas without sodium sulphate and diethanolamine, for a delicate and natural cleansing action, with utmost respect for skin, hair and environment.
Fruit alpha hydroxys fruit acids (lemon, orange, blueberry, maple), anti-oxidising, protective and hydrating for the skin and scalp. They re-compact and close hair squama, giving body and bounce to fine hair.
Oligo-elements - hydration, nutrition and volume to the shaft of fine hair.
Silicon - re-mineralising and reinforcing.
Magnesium - important for the protein synthesis of hair, it contributes to keeping it healthy and strong.
Copper - gives body to the hair shaft, avoiding brittleness.iron – facilitates the oxygenation processes rendering fine hair strong and resistant.
Zinc - stimulates re-growth and hinders thinning of the hair.
Panthenol – shine and elasticity. Naturally emulsifying; repairs hair damage caused my atmospheric agents and UV rays by penetrating inside the hair rendering it hydrated and nourished with long lasting effects. Restores 100% the correct level of moisture, giving hair softness, elasticity and shine.

Apply to wet hair, massage thoroughly and rinse. Repeat if necessary.