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Tecna Cajeput Probiotic Deo 24h 100ml

Tecna Cajeput Probiotic Deo 24h 100ml

Brand: Tecna   -  Product Code: HG010060   -  EAN: 8388766070225
£24.50 £19.99
Antibacterial Deodorant that neutralises unpleasant odors for 24 Hours and leaves skin soft and soothed, thanks to its special cosmetic formula for a long lasting freshness experience.
Intimate and Underarm hygiene
Post Work Out
Bacterial Skin Infections
Cajeput: Very effective for the inflammation of the genital- urinary organs, muscular pain and rheumatic problems. As well as being effective on insect bites and oily skin.
Tea Tree: An antimicrobial, also an efficient antifungal, used as a treatment for chronic cystitis and skin vaginal infections such as Candida.
Marigold: known for alleviating common discomforts such as redness, inflammation and menstrual problems. The properties of this plant are antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant, healing (vulnerary), soothing, hydrating and decongestant.
Mallow: aids in contrasting bacterial problems of the urinary tract. Provides an anti inflammatory action to the mucous membrane.
After Cleansing Skin with Cajeput Probiotic Wash, spray Cajeput DEO 24H on the skin.
No Rinsing.
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