Tecna Kit Gentle Wash Shampoo750ml  Conditioner 500ml  Detangle Cream 500ml

Tecna Kit Gentle Wash Shampoo750ml Conditioner 500ml Detangle Cream 500ml

Brand: Tecna   -  Product Code: 2950
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GENTLE WASH is a professional shampoo with a moisturizing action, suitable for natural or treated hair. It makes your hair and your scalp healthier through its mild cleansing action. With a fresh and natural fragrance, it prevents the impoverishment of hair and improves hair manageability. It enhances shine, body and softness of your hair.

GENTLE WASH CONDITIONER is a restructuring conditioner with low pH that can regulate the acidity of your hair and scalp. Especially studied for the balancing of scalp and hair after a chemical treatment. It stabilises the hair colour and hydrates. It is a moisturizing treatment to cure damaged and worn out hair because of chemical and mechanical treatments. Especially studied for fine, flabby but also fatty hair. It regenerates the natural softness and enhances brightness and body of your hair.

DETANGLE CREAM is a specific mask for porous hair, difficult to comb, especially if long and chemically or mechanically treated. It immediately removes porosity and leaves your hair soft and silky. It protects your hair and ends against chemical treatments. It reduces the electrostatic effect and facilitates the sliding of hair brush. Besides, it protects against heat and facilitates the hair-set. It removes chlorine and water limestone residuals. It removes tangles and ruffles, and contains the cuticles while it makes your hair incredibly shiny.