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Wella Blondor Freelights White lightening powder 400gr

Wella Blondor Freelights White lightening powder 400gr

Brand: Wella   -  Product Code: HG010427   -  EAN: 8005610562315
£61.50 £42.99
For accuracy and precision in freehand application. Contains lightening agents and clays for natural and pre-coloured hair. Up to 7 levels of lift, use exclusively with designated Freelights developer for freehand application.

Mixing recommendation
Depending on the desired degree of lightening and consistency, mix the FREELIGHTS White Lightening Powder (A) with FREELIGHTS Developer (B) in a non-metallic bowl.
· Vol. 20, 6 % (for gentle lift)
· Vol. 30, 9 % (extra lift)
· Vol. 40, 12 % (maximum lift)
Mixing Ratio 1 : 1 – 1 : 3 (recommended 1 : 1.5)
For on-scalp application, use a 6 % (20 vol.) developer as a maximum. Do not use heat.

Application & Development Time
Apply on dry hair. Start applying sweeping motion. Product should be applied only on the strand surface area. Do not saturate the strand in the mixture.
Development time depends on the condition of the hair and the desired level of blonde. The maximum total development time is 50 minutes. Check hair every 5–10 minutes during process. If adverse reaction occurs during treatment (e.g. itching, burning, rash or any unexpected reaction), stop and immediately rinse with lukewarm water. If necessary, seek medical treatment.