Wella EOS Nutmeg Color 120gr
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Wella EOS Nutmeg Color 120gr

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Wella EOS Nutmeg Color 120gr
Wella Professional is the hairstylist's philosophy. This company, with its scientists and researchers, excels between the most known hair fashion companies. Its philosophy can be summed up in the words 'love for hair', and is inspired to innovation. A fascinating passion for professionists.
Wella works in harmony with nature, and this harmony reveals itself in Wella's dyes, especially in Eos.
Wella Eos means sophisticated innovation mixed with pure pigments and extracts from plants, that can enhance hold, brilliance, shine and healthy.
It is easy to prepare: mix it with hot water with a proportion 2/3 parts of Wella Eos and 1 part of water if you want to cover white hair; a proportion 1 part of Wella Eos and 5 parts of water to give a fashion effect to your long hair. Let it cool and apply first of all on roots, and then on hair and ends.
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