Wella SP Luxe Oil Elixir 100ml

Wella SP Luxe Oil Elixir 100ml

Brand: Wella System Professional   -  Product Code: HG021591   -  EAN: 4064666213361
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Apply some drops on dry or damp hair and your hair will be protected against dryness during the blow-drying. It leaves an extreme shine and softness.
1) Apply after the shampoo some Luxe Oil drops on half stems and ends, untangles with a large tooth comb to remove the tangles and go on with the blow-drying.

2) Before the washing, divide your hair in sections and apply a little amount of oil on scalp. Massage with hand's tips and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Comb your hair and go on with a Wella SP shampoo and conditioner.

3) After the blow-drying, apply two or three drops on your hand, work for some minutes and apply on stems and especially on ends.

4) You can also apply it on scalp or hair and leave on all night long, and the next day wash your hair.