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The right product for every type of hair!
There's no such thing as one perfect product for every type of hair. That's fine! It's actually for the best. Because, when you think about it, you shouldn't be using the same type of stuff on fine, straight hair as you do on coarse, curly hair. Plus, everyone's got different goals when it comes to their hair style. Maybe you want to pump up your pompadour. Maybe you're trying to tame newly long hair. Or maybe you're just trying to keep those curls under control.

Whatever your needs and hair type, there's a lot to consider. That's why we did the legwork for you, tracking down 20 of the best hair products for men that are currently on the market. We've got pomades and serums, waxes and creams and that's not even the entire list. Here's what to have on hand to keep your hair healthy and well-styled.