alterna caviar

Alterna is the brand of professional hair products born in 1997 with the aim of spreading a high degree of haircare quality, by making use of benefits of the rare exclusively natural ingredients. Its philosophy pays attention to the well-being of your hair and the environment and continuously search for more modern and effective technologies. Alterna does not use sulphates, parabens, paraffin, petrolatum TEA, PABA, DEA, mineral oil and gluten. Alterna products are enriched with caviar (Caviar line), hemp, bamboo and Kendi oil for a perfect natural luxury, sought after and used by the best hair beauty experts all over the world. Hair Gallery is an authorized dealer of the Caviar, Ten and Stylist lines.

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Each Alterna product contains exclusive technologies which are patented by the brand:

- Age-Control Complex® is a patented anti-aging line, which acts on the natural, chemical and environmental aging of your hair

- Color Hold® is a mix which provides the highest level of color protection and prevents it from fading, caused by UVA/UVB rays and by artificial light sources;

- Enzymetherapy® is a targeted enzyme system which let the active ingredients absorb in your hair.