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10/ Lightest Blonde Wella Illumina Color 60ml

10/ Lightest Blonde Wella Illumina Color 60ml

Brand: Wella   -  Product Code: 2484   -  EAN: 8005610539133
£19.16 £13.93
Pack size: 60 ml tube
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Permanent Hair Color – Illumina Color – Neutral Shades

COLOUR: Lightest Blonde.

RECOMMENDATION: sheer colour that’s luminous in every kind of light.

Containing a patented Microlight Technology, it perfectly protects the hair cuticle so it maintains their clarity, allowing light to pass through and illuminating natural highs and lows from within.

TECHNOLOGY: Micro Light.

Mixing ratio 1:1 with oxidant
20vol (1 level of lift / coverage of grey / same depth or darkening)
30vol (2 levels of lift)
40vol (3 levels of lift).

First-Time Application:
- Same depth or darkening: apply the colouring mixture from roots to ends. Development time: 30/40 min. (15/25 min. with heat); if needed, give an additional 5 – 10 min. development time.
- Mid-lenghts and ends lightening: apply the colouring mixture to mid-lengths and ends only, leave approximately 1/2 cm free from the scalp. Development time: 20 min. (10 min. with heat).
- Root area lightening: apply the colouring mixture to the roots. Development time: 30/40 min. (15/25 min. with heat).

to achieve beautiful soft pastel shades, we recommend ILLUMINA COLOR shades from levels 9/ and 10/. Always mix with Color Touch Emulsion 6vol mixing ratio > 1:2. Development time: 5–15 minutes. (TIP! Comb evenly through the hair in order to achieve an even result)

to gently illuminate your natural hair tone thus giving a multi-faceted colour, we recommend ILLUMINA COLOR mixing ratio of 1:1:1 with 1 part ILLUMINA COLOR, 1 part Color Touch Emulsion 6vol and 1 part Conditioner Mask for colored hair. 
Development time: 5/10 min.

Grey/white hair is blended away keeping natural highs and lows. Recommended shade levels: 5/ to 8/. Mixing ratio: 1:2 with Color Touch Emulsion 6vol. 
Development time: 10 minutes.
Colouration to refresh mid-lengths and ends. Mixing ratio: 1:2 with Color Touch Emulsion 6vol.
Development time: 10 - 15 minutes.

Start the colouring process at the root area, apply first to the areas with the highest percentage of grey/white. If lightening, begin at the area where the strongest degree of lightening is required; development time: 30/40 min. (15/25 with heat).

(ideal to darken the hair base with a natural effect without having to cover white hair).
Mixing ratio > 1:1 with Color Touch Emulsion 13vol.

- For less than 50% grey/white, we recommend using the desired shade.
- For up to 50%-70% grey/white, mix the desired shade 2:1 with neutral shades.
- For more than 70% grey/white, mix the desired  shade 1:1 with the neutral shades.

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