- Antifall

New Dual Antifall Action line
Stronger hair fiber
84% reduced hair fall.
The first temporary anti-fall line ideal for all types of hair, for all women with hair loss problems. The collection includes 10 products which contain one of the most powerful fall protection complexes: Aminexil, Edelweiss cells and Ginger roots.

Mix of active ingredients with two actions:
Temporary hair loss - Aminexil helps the hair to anchor itself to the scalp and to prevent the collagen from stiffening around the follicle.
Strengthener - Ginger Root known for its ability to protect against daily external aggressors
Native Edelweiss cells, known for being able to withstand the most extreme conditions, known also for its antioxidant power.

Fresh and seductive fragrance: Bergamote inspired by the most modern colognes, a fragrance full of vitality, positivity and freshness.