5/34 Light golden copper brown Tigi Age Denied 90ml

5/34 Light golden copper brown Tigi Age Denied 90ml

Brand: Tigi   -  Product Code: HG017714   -  EAN: 615908945867
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AGE DENIED by TIGI copyright ©olour is a range of  rejuvenating permanent haircolour shades designed to provide up to 100% coverage on over 50% non-pigmented hair.

Pre-blended formula for consistent results
Shine enhancing coverage
Multi-dimensional skin flattering effects
Intermixable shades (only Age Denied Range)
True to tone
Simple to use with 1:1 mix ratio
Cream-gel consistency
Friendly fragrance
Up to 3 levels of lift
Compatible with TIGI copyright©olour activator system
90ml tube (2 retouch application)

Age Denied Rejuvenating Complex
The Age Denied Rejuvenating Complex has been crafted with three anti-ageing ingredients known to help combat signs of ageing hair.
The shine enhancing pre-blended formula maintains hair’s natural strength, smoothness and resistance to breakage while compensating
for the effects of lost melanin.
– Hydrolyzed Keratin proteins are the main building blocks of the hair, which provide structure and protection. Hydrolyzed Keratin
is known to penetrate into the hair fibre helping to maintain hair’s natural strength.
– Elastin, a pure, highly elastic protein known for its ability to provide skin with its structural support.
– Cutissential™ is known to replenish the essential lipid layer of the cuticle and helps to improve shine which leads to healthier looking hair.

Colour/Activator ratio 1:1. Select the correct activator for the optimum Age Denied results:
20 vol. 6% When the target shade is up to 2 levels lighter than the natural pigmented hair
30 vol. 9% When the target shade is up to 3 levels lighter than the natural pigmented hair

1 – Apply Tigi Age Denied to dry, unwashed hair using a bowl and brush. 
2 – Apply to the new-growth, beginning at the area with the highest percentage of non-pigmented hair. 
For long new-growth exceeding 2.5cm/1inch and virgin head application, apply the colour 2.5cm/1inch away from the scalp through to the mid-lengths. Once complete, apply the product to the root area. 
3 – Ensure neat and clean application, avoiding overlapping as it may cause banding. 
4 – Begin processing for 30 minutes once the full application is complete (up to 40 minutes for coarse/resistant hair). No heat required.
5 – If required, refresh the ends. 
6 – Emulsify, rinse, shampoo and condition with your chosen TIGI range.

Lenghts and ends can be retouched either with Tigi Gloss (recommended) or Tigi Age Denied. Lenghts and ends retouch can be done during the last minutes of the root color processing time.
Recommended activators: 5vol/1.5% or 8.5vol/2.55%

Process time for Tigi Gloss retouching:
up to the last 5 mins for minimum fade
up to the last 10 mins for moderate fade 
up to the last 20 mins for maximum fade

Process time for Tigi Age Denied retouching:
up to the last 5 mins for minimum fade
up to the last 10 mins for moderate/maximum fade