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Jean Paul Mynè B.Ju: hair treatments inspired by hair cosmetics

Jean Paul Mynè B.Ju
To finally experience the sensation of having shiny and glossy hair. B.Ju is the new line of hair treatments inspired by hair cosmetique. The principles of cosmetics and the most prestigious skin care are combined with cutting-edge technological research, to give life to a line that takes care of your hair as you do with the most precious jewels.

The range consists of three lines, Shampoo and pre and post treatment that guarantee infinite results.
  • Blooming - to strengthen tired and worn out hair from treatments.
  • Plumping - to plump and give body to a brittle and thin hair.
  • Revamping - to rejuvenate a hair experienced by oxidative stress.

And to still have that extra touch?
Supreme - the new repairing and multi-function leave-in. Versatile, practical and pleasant, it makes styling easier and hair soft as silk. Protects the look giving the hair nourishment and progressive shine. Finally your hair will get the attention it deserves with B.Ju.

Thanks to the use of the latest generation Tecno active ingredients compatible with each other, each family is complementary to the other to make your hair beauty routine even more personalized and guarantee the hair even more energy, strength and protection from external agents, including the heat.

100% Vegan and Eco friendly formulas