Cotril  Make-Up Color cream Silver 200ml - Silver Reflective Cream

Cotril Make-Up Color cream Silver 200ml - Silver Reflective Cream

Brand: Cotril   -  Product Code: HG016951   -  EAN: 8032841536648
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Cotril  Make-Up Color cream Silver 200ml
Reflecting cream color for an easy and quick application. It can be applied as a mask after each shampoo, both on colored and bleached hair. It can also be used on natural hair to brighten it up. It is ideal to maintain the color. The duration is approximately 2 or 3 washes and can be reapplied if desired.
It may be applied after each shampoo, on both colored or lightened hair, to maintain color or enhance tones
- duration: 2/3 washes
- range of eight colors
Keratins and proctective ingredients: It gives hydration
Macadamia Oil: moisturizes, provides an emollient action and adds shine
- aids the work carried out at the salon
- maintains color bright for longer on colored hair
- enhances shine on natural hair
- moisturizes and nourishes both natural and colored hair
Wash the hair and towel dry. Wear the gloves and apply 1 walnut-size amount of cream to the hair, using a comb or the hands. Comb through and leave for 3 to 6 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with water.