Cotril  Regeneration Leave-In Conditioner 200ml - Conditioner Without Rinsing

Cotril Regeneration Leave-In Conditioner 200ml - Conditioner Without Rinsing

Brand: Cotril   -  Product Code: HG018313   -  EAN: 8056684443666
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Cotril Regeneration Leave-In Conditioner 200ml- balm without rinsing

Revitalizing spray for all types of hair.

Micro plant proteins and keratins of different molecular weight: it penetrates the cortex regenerating the internal structure of the hair and rebuilding it with a long-lasting effect. They have antioxidant properties and reduce the formation of free radicals, helping to fight aging.
Veg System: a multifunctional vegetable active product that penetrates inside the capillary structure, repairing damage from inside. Strengthens the hair, gives hydration and smoothness.
Multifunctional Complex: mixture of amino acids from soy and wheat added to Arginine, Serina and Treonina. Gives protection to the hair improving elasticity and combability.
Magnolia extract: thanks to its relaxing properties, soothing anti-aging protects damaged and sensitized hair.
Sapote oil: boasting moisturizing, anti-age, fortifying and restructuring properties. It improves the softness of the hair.
It gives an immediate sensation of softness and vitality without weighing it down.
How to use: apply on dry or damp hair proceeding with the desired fold. Do not rinse