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Goldwell Color Measuring Cylinder

Goldwell Color Measuring Cylinder

Brand: Goldwell   -  Product Code: HG013829   -  EAN: 4021609400745

Features & Key Benefits:
Fast dosing and most accurate measurements.
Clean dispensing of the color, very simple to use and economical.
The “depot-can” system prevents oxidation of the color with oxygen from the air.
Easy to recycle with ecological propellant.

How to use the Color Depot System:
1. Depending on your need, select the appropriate Topchic Lotion, then attach its own Depot Pump on top.
2. Attach Goldwell Measuring Bowl to its base/dispensing valve, then fit the measuring cylinder.
3. Dispense the color:
In the same way, place the bowl on the color canister and gently press to dispense the color. The color can be precisely measured with the scale. Quick, simple and accurate.
4. Mix the color: Remove the measuring cylinder from the bowl, mix color and lotion with the help of a brush, until mixture reaches a creamy consistency.
5. Proceed with color application.

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