Goldwell Topform Perming Lotion 1 500ml -  perm for fine or normal natural hair

Goldwell Topform Perming Lotion 1 500ml - perm for fine or normal natural hair

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Goldwell Topform Perming Lotion 1 500ml - perm for fine or normal natural hair

Perming lotion for fine to normal hair

Goldwell Topform is the 'traditional' Goldwell perm: it gives classic waves and curls, but with exceptional hold and durability. The hair remains elastic and the ondulation is uniform from the root to the tips, for a more even result.

Its traditional formula is enriched with PPS (Perm Penetration System) Technology which improves uniformity and elasticity. PPS Technology intensifies the perm on the regrowth and balances the perm on the tips.

500ml bottle is ideal for multiple applications.



How to Use

Perform the service wearing appropriate protecting gloves.
Do not use Goldwell Topform products alone, but only as a part of a complete perm service which consists in lotion + neutralizer.

1. Shampoo with a delicate Goldwell cleanser.
Do not massage the scalp to avoid sensitizing the skin.
Rinse, then dab the hair.

2. In case of sensitive, stressed, porous hair, spray the Goldwell System Pre-Curl on the damaged areas to make the hair structure uniform. Do not rinse.

3. Wrap the curlers on damp hair.

4. Permanent: apply Goldwell Topform Perming Lotion. Recommended quantities:
• 60ml for short hair
• 80ml for medium length hair
• 100ml for long hair
Wet each curler with the lotion 2-3 times until saturation.
Avoid wetting the scalp with the lotion.

5. Processing times
with infrared heat source: 10-20 min
room temperature (with plastic cap and towel): 15-25 min

6. After the minimum processing time, remove a roller. If the resulting curl should not be satisfactory, wrap the roller again and repeat this test every 3 minutes until the desired result or maximum time is reached.

7. Rinse thoroughly for a few minutes without removing the curlers, then dab the hair carefully.

8. Apply Goldwell System Inter-Curl to improve performance, hold and durability. Saturate each roller with Inter-Curl, leave on for 3 minutes and proceed with fixing without rinsing.

9. Fixing: dilute Goldwell Topform Neutralising Concentrate in water in equal parts (eg 50ml water + 50ml Neutralising Concentrate Fix for short-medium hair). Use a sponge to spread the solution on the hair still wrapped in curlers. Leave on for about 10 minutes then gently remove the curlers.

10. Rinse thoroughly, then dab gently without scrunching the hair.
If hair needs a color refresh, you can perform a Colorance color service before rinsing.

12. Use the Goldwell Dualsenses Curly twist range to keep your wavy hair always lively.