Goldwell Vitensity Perming Lotion 1 80ml - perm hairstyle for natural fine or normal hair

Goldwell Vitensity Perming Lotion 1 80ml - perm hairstyle for natural fine or normal hair

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Goldwell Vitensity Perming Lotion 1 80ml - perm hairstyle for natural fine or normal hair

Perm lotion for natural fine or normal hair.
Goldwell Vitensity is the new generation of perm that adds long-lasting movement and vitality to the hair. It gives extremely elastic and defined curls while nourishing the hair and preserving its health, with a uniform curly or wavy result from the root to the tips with an exceptional long-lasting duration guaranteed.
Ammonia-free formula, featuring a delicate fragrance, leaves hair softer and shinier than a traditional perm service.

How to Use

Carry out perming wearing protective gloves.
Treatment not recommended for hair coloured with dyes containing ammonia.
Do not use Goldwell Vitensity products individually, but only as part of a complete permanent service, consisting of lotion + fixing.

1.Shampoo with a Goldwell mild shampoo.
Do not massage the scalp to avoid sensitising the skin.
Rinse, then towel-dry the hair. 

2. In the case of sensitive, stressed, porous hair, spray Goldwell System Pre-Curl on the damaged areas to even out the structure. Do not rinse out.

3. Roll the curlers over damp hair.

4. Permanent: apply Goldwell Vitensity Perming Lotion. Recommended quantities:
- 60ml for short hair
- 80ml for medium length hair
- 100ml for long hair
Wet each curler 2-3 times with the lotion until saturated.
Avoid wetting the scalp with the lotion.

5. Laying times 
with infrared heat source: 10-20 min
room temperature (with plastic cap and towel): 15-25 min

6. After the minimum laying time, remove a curler. If the resulting curl is not satisfactory, rewind the curler and repeat this test every 3 minutes until the desired result or maximum setting time is achieved.

7. Rinse thoroughly for a few minutes without removing the curlers, then towel-dry hair thoroughly.

8. Apply Goldwell System Inter-Curl to improve the performance, hold and durability of the perm. Saturate each curler with Inter-Curl, leave on for 3 minutes and fix without rinsing.

9. Fixing: dilute Goldwell Vitensity Gloss Care Fix Neutralising Concentrate in equal parts water (e.g. 50ml water + 50ml Gloss Care Fix for short to medium hair). Distribute about 2/3 of the solution with a sponge on hair still wrapped in curlers. Leave on for 5 minutes without rinsing.

10. Gently remove the curlers and do a post-fixing by distributing the remaining fixing solution over the lengths and ends. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes.

11. Rinse thoroughly, then gently pat dry without rubbing the hair.

12. Use the Goldwell Dualsenses Curly twist range to keep curly hair looking vibrant. 

Technical Characteristics

Key ingredients:

Carrier System: covers the entire surface of the hair and reaches even the most difficult areas, for a uniform curl all over the head.
Coenzyme Q10: nourishes and protects hair, neutralizes free radicals and prevents weakening and breakage of hair during and after chemical treatment.