Ikoo Paddle X Metallic Love affair - paddle brush

Ikoo Paddle X Metallic Love affair - paddle brush

Brand: Ikoo   -  Product Code: HG018517   -  EAN: 4260376291884
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Ikoo Paddle X is the innovative Styling Brush with TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) scalp massage!
Ikoo Paddle X Metallic Love affair, wonderful gradient between pink and rose with a brilliant finishing, exclusive and elegant.
Paddle size: about 9.5x11cm

Styling your hair gently
The Ikoo Paddle X is your new styling brush with the characteristical X ventilation slot, which prevent hair stress during blow drying. Your hair is not only perfect styled, but also groomed; the Ikoo Paddle X helps preventing double ends and protecting the scalp.

The X-shaped ventilation system is perfectly integrated in the extra wide brush panel of the Ikoo Paddle X. Specially designed for optimal air circulation during the blow-drying process, excess hot air and moisture escape and not accumulate on the hair, which dries faster, resulting less frizzy and less stressed by heat.

Detating and Massaging Bristles
The bristles of the Ikoo Paddle X are designed to ensure perfect detangling on hair of any texture: smooth, curly, and even extensions. Arranged in long/short alternation in the characteristic chessboard scheme with proven efficacy, they also feature traditional Chinese massage on the head meridians, for a progressive sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

Design and functionality
The Ikoo Paddle X convinces thanks to the ergonomic design and the Soft Touch Finish, together with the characteristic X ventilation slots and the concave TCM bristle panel, for a daily wellness experience, brushing your hair without pulling!

Created without the use of animal glue and therefore suitable for vegans, the careful production of this brush ensures a quality product, also appropriate for use in hot and humid environments.

The large bristle panel with rounded silhouette helps you bring optimal volume to your hair. The famous ikoo massage brush gives you a naturally shiny and silky look to your hairstyle.
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