Hair Elastics Invisibobble: comfortable and super fashion


Invisibobble was born from the idea of a young German girl Sophie who, in her haste to go out with her friends, styled her hair with a telephone cable. The next day she notices that the makeshift elastic was still firmly in place and that she didn't have the usual pulling headaches and her hair didn't have any major folds or waves !! A brilliant and lucky discovery.

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With the help of German technicians was designed Invisibobble. A special, alternative, comfortable and super fashion hair band! Invisibobble means "invisible spring" and recalls the shape and texture of the elastic. Its main feature is that it leaves no trace in the hair after use.

Its duration is longer than that of a normal rubber band. If it starts to wear out it can be regenerated by placing it under the sun so the plastic contracts again. Material: Polyurethane, super hygienic and easy to wash material.