Kerastase Densifique Serum Jeunesse 100ml - densifying serum for fine and thinning hair

Kerastase Densifique Serum Jeunesse 100ml - densifying serum for fine and thinning hair

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Kerastase Densifique Serum Jeunesse 100ml - densifying serum for fine and thinning hair

Sérum Jeunesse is a treatment for grey and thinning hair. It repigments greying hair, lifts the roots and adds volume, for soft and rejuvenated hair.
White hair is the first visible effect of time on hair. Unfortunately, a hair that loses its color also loses its finest qualities. It thins, becomes rough, less easy to discipline and dull. The coloration, of course, sublimate the material and hide white hair but
it cannot restore all lost qualities to fiber. To prevent the effects of time on hair, Kérastase creates its youth serum, its first activator of capillary youth that compensates the loss of quality of white hair. Through the unique combo of Anti-Ox Cellular and Stemoxydine, Densifique Serum Jeunesse fight against both the thinning of the fibre and the disappearance of Melanocytes, thus delaying the depigmentation of the hair.
Since the first day of application, fiber radiates for its brilliance, its flexibility and its volume. As early as three months a new capillary density unfolds. Its light and sensory texture penetrates instantaneously, and leaves on the hair a subtle floral and woody fragrance, signature of the Densifique line.
How to Use
This exceptional treatment is applied after each shampoo on the scalp and the damp hair:
Spray 8 pressures directly on the scalp, section by section.
Massage from the fingertips throughout the scalp.
Apply between 6 and 12 pressures throughout the hair depending on the length of the hair and comb to distribute the product evenly. Do not rinse.
Proceed with styling. Can be used every day alternating with Initialiste to extend the intrinsic qualities of a younger hair, or after a 3-months treatment with Densifique vials to prolong the benefits of Stemoxydine.
2 women on 3 report*:
Have more volume in roots.
Find the beauty of a young, easy to comb hair.
Hair soft and silky to the touch.
Easier to discipline hair.
* Source: CUT France - October 2014, test on 122 women with daily use for 30 days. 

Men and women who notice sensitised hair when the first grey hairs appear.
Men and women who want to deepen their Densifique treatment.
For all hair types, including coloured hair. Eric Pfalzgraf, Coiffirst: Densifique Serum Jeunesse is a revolution. It's like an anti-wrinkle for hair. I recommend it after every shampoo, on all hair types, to regain the properties of young hair.

Technical Characteristics
An exceptional formula that combines the most powerful anti-oxidants complexes, Anti-Ox Cellular, to the power of the Stemoxydine.
Anti-Ox Cellular: used for the first time on the scalp, this complex allows to preserve the melanocytes, cells that produce melanin, thus delaying the effects of time on the hair. It brings together four ingredients specifically chosen for their strong antioxidant properties: ferulic acid, vitamins C and E, a UV filter.
Stemoxydine®: significantly increases capillary density.
Ceramide: combined with a texturizing polymer, it restores the brilliance and flexibility of the fibre.