Marrakesh shaving products

Marrakesh products are all 100% natural, based on Argan oil and Hemp oil. Founded in 1996 by Kevin and Mare Wachs in their garage in California, Marrakesh first developed with body products, and then expanded its offering to the world of hair care and beyond. The brand has created a line dedicated to men with shaving products based on hemp and Argan oils with a high moisturizing and nourishing action, and a unique fragrance. Like all Marrakesh products, shaving oils and creams are environmentally friendly:

  • 100% natural and vegan ingredients
  • Without animal testing
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Products without dyes, oils, parabens and sulphates
  • Eco-sustainable production plants

Marrakesh for men Imperial beard oil 60ml

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Marrakesh for Men Bomber Shave Cream 236ml

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