Moser Animal

Moser Animal  help your pet keep its fur clean and healthy. Fur is your pet's protection from the environmental elements. Sun, rain, mud, but also heating-dry air, as well as parasites, dust and pollen spoil the coat of our four-legged friends every day.

However, the external elements are not the only factors affecting the dog. Long coats get ruffled, especially where there is rubbing, for example under the armpits or behind the ears. Here too, brushing and combing can improve the animals' well-being.

Changing the coat is another element to be taken into account. Twice a year (in Spring and Autumn), each dog and cat changes its coat to adapt to seasonal changes. Dead hair should be combed out regularly to prevent the coat from becoming matted and damaged. Moser offers a wide range of brushes, dematters and combs providing a solution for every challenge. Find the right grooming tool for your four-legged pet on Hair Gallery!