Nioxin System5 Antihairloss Full Kit XXL

Nioxin System5 Antihairloss Full Kit XXL

Brand: Nioxin   -  Product Code: HG016690   -  EAN: 4064666045696
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Complete anti-hairloss and anti-breakage treatment that gives more body, thickness  and density to slightly thinning chemically treated hair. 
Nioxin System5 Cleanser Shampoo 300ml 
derma-purifying shampoo. Frees the follicles clogged by sebum, dirt, styling residues, fatty acids and impurities due to external agents. Its formula with Pro-Color Shield Technology deeply moisturizes the hair.

Nioxin System5  Scalp therapy Revitalizing conditioner 300ml

density-protecting conditioner. Its formula with SmoothPlex Technology makes hair softer and silky, balances moisture.

Nioxin System5 Scalp & hair Treatment 100ml

densifying and thickening treatment. Its mousse formula with Scalp Access Delivery 2.0 and UV-protecting ingredients increases the stem diameter.
Results in just 30 days: denser hair for 77% of people, stronger (86%), thicker already after two weeks (72%). 
How to use: 
Apply Nioxin System5 Cleanser shampoo on wet hair, gently massage hair and skin, rinse thorughly. 
Apply Nioxin System5 Scalp therapy Revitalizing conditioner and distribute evenly from roots to ends. Leave on 1 to 3 minutes and rinse. 
Complete the treatment with Nioxin System5 Scalp & Hair treatmen: spray evenly on the scalp. Do not rinse.